I loaft way too much and there’s too many new posts that i start when I’m trying to kick myself into high gear so I thought I’d start compiling them into here.

2019 May 19

So, what is causing me to write this post? I have just spent the last 2-3 hours watching YouTube because I don’t know. lol do we ever. I’ve just been mentally burnt-out maybe that’s an excuse I use to much but it’s how I felt and the only way I know how to explain it for right now. But what I’m trying to get at is, it seems that everything that we engage ourselves in (youtube, instagram, social media, our phones, etc.) they’re all designed to keep us locked in.

How To Stop Loafting

We already know this. It’s not necessarily a bad thing either, people have made their living off of this. They can fund their life passions thru these devices so we know its not a bad thing. I mean it’s where I want to be but i just can’t “find the motivation” to get there. <– I mean this is something I also mention it’s not motivation its discipline we’re looking for but ugh. I’m just getting thrown for a loop right now. I just find music for me is the solution. When I find myself loafting I’m hoping puttin on a Spotify Playlist will kcik me outta the trance of consuming content and hopefully creating something.

Be Kind To Yourself

But then again I want me to stop beating myself up. So it’s okay sometimes. Just be kind. realize what’s going on and do things in small increments and reward yourself. lol i dunno what I’m saying. but here’s that content I’m hoping to create.

loafting stuck

I Think I Know Why I'm Stuck

2019 May 20th

I know that this is dumb cause it’s what I talk about literally all the time is that I think I’ve been stuck because I’ve been chasing money. Sure I like to build websites and shit but it’s not my passion. As much as I’m shit about it, I think I really enjoy writing. I’m not the best but hey it’s what make me happy and why not put all my energy into making that make me money?

I already do the research, I already attempt to write the post so why not take it an extra step further and try to market it? I’m not even going to have to “sell” stuff I can still provide my free information so why not acutally go ham and try to make this a living? Stop wasting time on things that I don’t actually care about and let’s try to make this into a real thing!

Still Loafting. WTF Am I Doing?

2019 May 22nd

So pretty dumb now but I’m like contemplating like life in general. Not in a suicidal way but like, wtf are we all doing. It’s so repetitive. like where is the overall purpose? I dunno. Very much like this meme. K never mind cant find it i think it was a movie where the daugther was complaining that we had to wake up eat go to school and do it all over again. It was so repetitive and she asks when does it end? lol I think thats wehre Im at again.

I always have these existential crisis everynow and then and my solution is always to think that purpose is given by what we choose to pursue. I want to help people? but i need to help myself first. So what can I do? What am I good at? I don’t know

I don’t feel like I have anything to offer to the world. So let’s just start listing off random shit that I’m mediocre at? I’m good at talking in circles lol so i guess this blog is a good thing. fml. 

Loaft part 2

So something that I notice is that majourity of my stresses revolve around money. I have this constant fear or something whenever I think about money. So if it truly is that difficult for me to find balance in my life without finding the right amount of “money” should we give in to all these ads that are promising to make you millions? I dunno

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