Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Mouse

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Logitec mice (mouses?) across the interwebs. I know they build really nice keyboards so they probably build good mice. And everyone seems to love and supports them, but are they actually that good? Hopefully, I can answer that here!

Be Productive Anywhere!

Overall, a really good mouse. It’s a little pricey at MSRP but if you can snag it at a cheaper price it’s a must-have! Logitec Options makes this an extremely versatile tool that allows you to be productive literally anywhere.

Logitec MX Anywhere 2S Mouse

Lit! erally works anywhere
Battery Life (2 Months | 500 mAh Li-Po)
Buttons (5 Custom + Scroll | Very useful)
Size (Feels a lil tiny)
Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

A Likkle Backstory

So, I’m not really a mouse but if I ever were to cop a mouse it would be the MX Master 2S Mouse, cause there’s so much hype around it. But it’s still a little outta budget for me right now. However, when I saw the smaller sibling go on sale for like 50% off I knew I needed to just buy it, and it was a good call because they were sold out in a minute.

Anyways, this mouse isn’t really for me but it’s for my pops and he always prefers having a mouse (His setup is also like 2 desktops and 1 laptop, so this being a multi-device mouse is pretty key). Something I’m going to have to teach him is Logitech’s Flow because it’s pretty cool to be able to copy and paste between devices, and I think he’ll find that super useful.

Nonetheless, since him and I are always on the go, I think this little mouse is going to be perfect for him cause it’ll have all the features he loves. So, let’s get into it! šŸ˜€

So, What’s Good?!


Blessed Battery Life

Especially when you’re on the go, battery life is key. So the fact that this little thing can supposedly hold a charge for up to 70 days is blessed. It came charged outta the box and it’s been about a month and we haven’tĀ had to charge it yet so I’d say that this estimate is fairly accurate. The nice thing is, it’s charged via micro USB so you don’t need to carry around extra batteries and can charge while you work (this is actually an assumption I’ll need to test this out).Ā 


Full Customization

Whether you’re on a Mac, PC or anything else, you can customize this mouse to work perfectly for you. Straight outta the box, there are some pretty awesome features like (middle button –> lets you use gestures) and forward and backwards buttons while browsing the internet. But if you download Logitech’s Options software you can customize any of the buttons to do anything you want: you can allow and adjustĀ side-scrolling, reprogram the gestures and shortcuts you want for the buttons and even create keyboard shortcuts.

Another cool feature that I need to try out is the multi-device copy and paste (it’s called Flow in the Logitech options software).Ā  I think my dad would find this super useful as he has 2 desktops and a surface pro. So that’ll be a cool feature to teach him when he’s trying to multi-task.



It’s a little tiny for me, like I know it’s supposed to be a portable mouse and all. But I feel like my hand is constantly cramping up using it. I’m not sure if it’s more ergonomicaleĀ since imĀ used to always using the trackpad and I’m also not used to it having clicking noises.

Logitech Flow

Logitech Flow

This thing is litttt. Although I need to test it out some more, the theoretical usage is bless. Imagine being able to copy and paste between devices that’sĀ dope. I don’t know how it’ll work with pc and MAC and if it’s only text. but just the thought of this sounds pretty awesome!


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