Mental Wellness Journey

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Take 688274. Kidding but not really. In case y’all didn’t know im depressed AF. I have no idea what to do anymore and I’m hoping by trying again, I can start to feel better. In theory just by doing things it should start making you feel like you can get a handle of things but it’s alot easier said than done. So, I thought for me to give it another go I’m going to try my best to keep track of it again. So here goes nothing!

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This isn’t the first time we here, and definitely won’t be our last. But if it’s your first time with us on the journey here are some of the fundamentals that I think help out quite a bit.

Mental Wellness “The Depression Cure” Toolkit

I always put “” on that cause, I don’t believe it’s a “cure”. I don’t think there is. We can get philosophical about it but at the end of the day. My goal is to be able to actually live with it. It’s a part of me and our goal is to understand it not some much abolish myself from it. Although I understand that that sounds amazing to get rid of that stuff. I think I’ve come to terms that, that’s not how it works.

I Don’t Know Where to Start

Me neither, and as much of the stuff that I disagree with in “The Depression Cure“. I like the fact that they thought about giving actionable steps.

  1. Take Omega-3 (1000 EPA 500 DHA)
  2. Take part in Engaging Activities
  3. Do Physical Activity
  4. Get More Sunlight
  5. Engage in Social Activities
  6. Get Good Sleep
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DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts Mental Wellness Journey 7DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts Mental Wellness Journey 9
DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts Mental Wellness Journey 11DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts Mental Wellness Journey 13

That’s all there is to that book. So if you combine it with CBT, in theory you’re golden. But in reality I feel like doing nada. So taking some Omega 3 in these first couple days definitely sound like a good challenge to take on.

“Pick a goal so small, it seems ridiculous to fail”

My Mental Wellness Journey

First Week of Mental Wellness

Day One

I took the Omega-3! I’ll check in weekly to see how this progresses.

Day Two

I already don’t want to do anymore or anything. Mood variation is ridiculous. But the benefit of the tracker is somewhat pushing me to take O3.

Day Three

So I never actually took the Omega 3 yesterday, I don’t think we’ll see a correalation to that to my mood lol cause it’s only one day. However, it makes me remember to do things the instant I think of them. I also restarted therapy today and that helped. Which also added another tool to our kit.

DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts Mental Wellness Journey 15DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts Mental Wellness Journey 17
Day Six

We’ll obviously not perfect, but I suppose that’s good to counteract the perfectionism stuff I’m struggling dealing with. But that allows me to see that it’s not that bad. I’ve only taken Omega-3’s 50 percent of the week. And while I’m not proud of that, it’s technically a pass. So as long as we keep it going lol so that’s good.

What I’m doing right now is reading through listening to Daring Greatly by Brene Brown cause I’m wanting to take action on something and also want to do something for me. (I suppose this logs in time for occupational and intellectual).

Blog Post for Today: Stop Stressing

Day Seven

I still wake up extremely anxious, I still feel hella depressed but we gotta keep going. I’m trying to remind myself that all these emotions are valid but after logging down what I feel it logically doesn’t serve more purpose on dwelling because it doesn’t really benefit the present moment.

So while I want to work on my mental wellness till I can beat it better. I still got life things to do. So I’ve started using Notion (I need 1000 followers to be an affiliate) with my Limitless Planner to see if it can help me from feeling overwhelmed.

I’m also freaking out because next week I gotta start doing engaging activities and I have no idea what I’m going to do. I have no idea what is going to be engaging enough to get me outta my head so I need to start a list to figure out what to do with this.

The Wellness Wheel

Definitely something deserving of it’s own post but for now bullet points are always good:


  • Understand your feelings and express your emotions to loved-ones
    • Self-care, stress-reduction, relaxation, develop inner resources


  • Surroundings that promote safety, good physical and mental health
    • Having a positive environment can have a calming effect


  • Understand where you are financially and what you can do to ensure your financial stability
    • Worrying about not having enough can have impacts on your health and mental importance
    • Establish good habits and plan for the future
    • Spend less than you make


  • Be a life-long learner, expand your knowledge through creative outlets
    • Find ways to stimulate your mind and sense of creativity
    • Scholastic, cultural and community activities


  • Look for satisfaction from things you’re passionate about whether from work, school or volunteering.
    • Find ways to engage in occupational endeavours and feel appreciation for the value in your contribution


  • Increase activity levels, get restful sleep, healthy foods, and explore outdoors


  • A sense of belonging and a reliable support-system help in difficult times
    • Make at least one social connection daily
    • Seek advice from peers or support groups
    • Create healthy friendships


  • enhance your connection to self, nature and others bring balance and peace to your life
    • Discover what values and beliefs are important to you

My Current Situation

Mental Wellness Resources

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