Mind Over Mood Notes


Chapter 1: How Mind Over Mood Can Help You

  • Be an oyster. Take your irritants and make them into a pearl
  • CBT (Cognitive Behaviora Therapy): Our thoughts affect; emotion, behaviour and physical response
  • Identify & understnd then change
  • Track progress (Ch. 4)
  • Complete all exercises (don’t rush) and practice alot and implement as often as possible

Chapter 2: Understanding Your Problems

Depression Case Study [Ben “I hate getting old” ]

  • Physical Symptoms: Insomnia, appetite loss, fatigue
  • Behavioral Change: stop activities, avoid friends
  • Mood Changes: sad, irritable, guilt
  • Thinking Style: negative, self-critical, pessmistic
  • Losses, stress,loss of purpose
DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts Mind Over Mood Notes 5

Looking at life experiences you can see that they are all affected by 5 factors that are all interrelated:

  • Environment
  • Thoughts
  • Behaviours
  • Moods
  • Physical Reactions

Anxiety Case Study [Linda “My life would be great if I didn’t have panic attacks” ]

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