My Mini Cooper’s Hood Won’t Open

I just wanted to check up on the fluids of the Mini Cooper but I have no idea why it seems after letting it sit for a while the hood just wouldn’t open! I kept pulling the latch inside the hood and literally nothing was happening. I pulled to a point where it literally feels like the plastic latch is about to break so I took that as a sign to stop. Since I’ve learned the European cars are super easy to work on or extremely difficult. Mostly difficult. But if things aren’t working added force is usually not a good thing.

So time to do some research, and it just ends up that it’s a common problem… FML!!!

July 31st 2021 Update. I think I fixed it

I think I managed to fix the hood. Not perfectly, but it seems my hood managed to open by shoving the hood down really forcefully, and then when you pulled the latch it somehow worked. Taking a look at the latches it seems like the passenger side isn’t re-engaging so I don’t know what the long-term effects of that are. However, I know I’ll have to do the engine oil change pretty soon. However, I don’t know if I should do it again on the BMW so that they’re on the same schedule. Something I’m just thinking about.

Also, I’m worried about having to do an oil change in the wintertime without a garage so the timing seems to be pretty important for this one.

Notes on Mini Cooper Broken Hood Pull

  • Push down on hood while someone pulls the lever 9
  • Remove driver wheel, release catch, and zip tie it to basically tighten the wire 9


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