My Everyday Carry

I’ve been working towards minimizing my everyday carry, while I’m not quite there yet, there have been days where I have just left with my phone and wallet and have had everything I needed. But, since we’re covering what I carry on everyday theres about 5 items that I like to have with me all the time!  

My Everyday Carry

phone everyday carry

#1 My Phone

OnePlus 5 Midnight Black
This phone is lit! Was a little cheesed when they dropped the 5T but now that the OnePlus 6 is out I feel less snaked because it happens eventually.

DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts My Everyday Carry 5

#2 My Wallet

Secrid Miniwallet (Original Dark Brown)
This is by far one of the sickest wallets there are! It’s part of my everyday carry because it’s quick to use, it protects my cards, it’s super slim yet it carries more than everything I need!

everyday carry

#3 Coin Pouch

  • Old Leather Coin Pouch –
  • Homemade Keyholder –
  • Pen/Pencil –
  • Coins, Allergy Pills, Gym Pass

everyday carry

#4 Notebook

  • Mine was free Asus Stickies (but people are using field notes Moleskine

everyday carry

#5 Car Keys

What are some of your everyday essentials?

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