So, if you’re some how an avid reader of my blog, you’ll see a reoccurring struggle of mine, where it seems like I just can’t get past myself. I’m not sure how to get things done and this clearly would be, because a lack of self confidence. Like I already know that’s my main problem but I seriously did not feel it this heavily until today. I’ve been procrastinating on so many things in my life but for some reason just because pitching to a client is related to money, this is what stood out to me the most.

I couldn’t figure out how to ask for money. I guess not in the sense how to do it, because apparently I’m really good at selling. But I just have no idea how to ask for myself. I don’t have the confidence to do it. I can’t press send. I don’t think I’m worth it?

Anyways, nuff complaining. To get around it, I just googled some contact templates and copied and pasted. Edit to my liking and prep to send. Done is better than perfect so it’s worth to just always try to pitch.

Ya, lol so we’ll update your on status whenever it happens.

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