Wowwwww I just thought about it instead of creating a new post every damn time I should just keep adding to this list…. -__-

Whatever this whole site is about growing, learning and constantly adapting so it only makes sense to always be changing. Anyways what I’ll be doing then is just simply taking all my notes and stuff and compiling them here!

I thought that it would be easy that I’m at a gym brand because I thought that the machines would be the same across the board…. Lololol we’ll it’s not and some are in pounds and some were in kg. So without data I’m relying on my mental math to sort out the ~2.2 conversion. It wasn’t to difficult but still.

The Importance of Seating

Nonetheless it’s super important to keep track of seating position because honestly I forgot and get the difference between the sets (that you’re not supposed to do lol )and they seriously have a big advantage/difference so:

Close grip supinated pull down – seat 3
Shoulder press – seat 2

The Workout Log

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