Occam’s Protocol [FHB-Day 3]

So now that we are about 6 days into the program, we will being working on the third workout and honestly the minimalism of it is extremely shocking. And I felt weird doing it. But in the book, he really highlights that you are just supposed to just let it happen, ignore the hate and just follow through. So that’s what we’ll attempt to do

Nonetheless here are the results

Workout A: Day 3

Close-grip Supinated Pull-down

88 lbs x 9.6 reps (5 up and 5 down)

Shoulder Press

60 lbs x 8.2 reps (5 up and 5 down)

And because those two exercises literally took only 10 miinutes I felt hella awkward and like i needed to do more. So I wanted to do the ab exercises because I skipped all of that last week. But honestly thinking about the cat vomit exercise I was wayyy to embarrassed to even try that lol. So I just stuck with the Bosu Ball Exercise.

Myotatic Crunch

Body Weight x 10 reps (4 down 2 rest 2 up)

This was the first time I ever did this exercise and it would have probably been a better workout with a flat bosu ball instead of a whole one. But nonetheless it really works your core. Definitely an exercise you want to complete to failure which I will attempt next Workout A.

The Continuation of Occam’s Protocol

So, through this spontaneous experiment of attempting to follow through with Occam’s Protocol. I am realizing the importance of nutrition. Clearly we all know it’s important for our body to grow but I think this may be the first time I actually feel it. My body like requires the food and without it I feel tired and/or weak. I still don’t feel like I am eating enough (I’m probably not) but at least I think I’m starting to see me body need it.

Something that I hope to do is to actually track my body intake to understand how much food I’m actually eating and how much more I need to work on to give myself more food.

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