So it’s another quick workout. Still not mentally prepared for such a short workout but I think it might be something I could get used to eventually. I mean it’s only the second workout where you get to increase weight but I like the fact that we are increase by a minimum of 10 lbs every work out. It definitely adds to the mental factor that lets your brain register that you are making progress. One thing I forgot to mention in the blog posts were seat settings, which is actually really important.

Remember to Measure your Machines

Tim Ferris really highlights to take this workout session like an experiment. It doesn’t take much time out of your day but you want to be sure to keep as many factors the same so you can measure specific variables (ie. the weight you move will target specific muscles hence the preference for machine over free weights)

Nontheless here are the results for,

Occam’s Protocol – Workout 4A:

Chest Press

So I need to check next time to see if it’s actually supposed to be the chest press machine or the chest flyes machine, but I’m pretty confident it’s supposed to be the chest press.
My settings were:

  • Seat Setting: Number 3
  • Arm Settings: Number 4

This allowed me to get the weights to hover at the bottom when my arms were parallel to my chest (probably space for one fist)

So with an increse in 10 lbs we were pushing 105 lbs. I like to keep track of everything in google keep because its easy to use, doesn;t use much data and I’m pretty sure I can use it without data too lol none the less:

105 lbs x 8.1 reps

So yes I know this is the first time increasing weight on this exercise but I can see that this is going to progressively get harder since the failed rep was at 140 when we were determining my weight we are really going to have to focus on eating enough. Because if things were to stay stagnant i see failure occuring when we attempt to push 120. So my personal goal is to fail after that point lol. Even though it’s like expected on the next one, with 3 days rest between exercises (more like 7 for the same) I think we’ll be able to make it.

But this definitely means I need to focus on eating more.

(rest 3 minutes)

Leg Press

This is when it gets fun. I always hated squats but I think the machine takes away my fear of doing squats lol (I know i’m a wuss). But this is a good start!

160 lbs x 9.2 reps

So I don’t really know how low you’re supposed to go but I’ve been going as low as possible without letting the weights touch so it’s been killer on the butt (glutes, lower thigh, lol I really need to learn my muscles)

But nonetheless this one felt good.

(rest 3 minutes)

Stationary Bike

So in the Four Hour Body, he talks about a certain number of reps you gotta keep up but since I’m at a budget gym the bikes don’t have an odometer and I’m just trying to make sure my legs don’t feel super sore so I just turn the resistance to about medium and haul *$S for 3 minutes. But I think i forgot to turn up the volume on my timer and I didn’t hear it so it ended up going for a bit longer. So next time I need to remember to turn UP the volume

Stationary Bike (Medium) – 4 Minutes 32 Seconds

All in all I’d say this was a good workout. But I know there are a lot more things I need to work on. Not only as part of this experiment but logging everything on this site. So more for me than anything here are the next action items:

Dylankyang Action Items for Occam’s Protocol

  • Update main post about Occam’s Protocol
  • How to do the first day
  • How to space out your workouts
  • what to keep track of
  • My eating regime (or lack of)
  • My machine measurements
  • A picture of the machines
  • Start doing the secondary workouts

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