Occam’s Protocol [Workout 5A]

Having a set schedule for workouts is actually pretty dope. I’m like naturally really lazy so being able to know that I need to workout is like another ~3 days away is such a good feeling because when I do go I feel so accomplished and actually feel at rest when I dont need to go.
Took some pictures of the seating so I can actuallly remember where I put everything but I’m becoming terrified that I’m going to fail the next time i go lol. But I mean I guess that means we’re in a good spot.
Nonetheless, enough talking in circles here are the results.

Close Grip Supinated Pull Down

99 lbs x 8.3 reps
I feel like may have messed up my grip though. So it definitely makes sense as to why Tim Ferris really focuses on remembering to keep your grip consitent. So I attempted to take a picture of where my hands go. (FYI: the note is to keep it aligned with the machine lol
3 minute rest

Shoulder Press

70 lbs x 7.4 reps
My arms literally gave out… wow weak sauuuuseee lol. but I’m bout whatever. I think the main thing for these exercises are you’re pretty much going as slow as possible to keep your muscles under tension for as long as possible and did a decent job at that before I allowed my self to let the weight down.

NTS: Conclusion After Workout 5A

Just make sure thaat you stay under tension for as long as possible. Really ensure that grip, seat and formation is under the same conditioons/factors and put in your all for the little 15 minutes. It’s soft. Also remember to eat more food

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