Presence and Mindfulness [Day 4 of 30DC]


Oh my god. Day 4 and it honestly isn’t getting any easier.

I believe this is the point in time where you start regretting making the commitment to this…. lol. The very beginning. But 4/30 = already 13% so might as well keep it going. So what are we going to talk about today?

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The Power of Presence and Mindfulness

I spend way too much time in my own head so I was thinking about the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. This dude is pretty inspiration, spiritual and hella grounded. And it’d be great for us to all aspire to learn from him. But clearly for myself I got a lot more to do. So what actions/tasks can I do currently to become more “present”?

Honestly, from the outside all this mindfulness and presence seems like a whole load of bs. But after you do it a couple of times you realize it definitely has some merit you just need to further pursue your practice. and as how most of my challenges go they all cut out midway so I don’t fully achieve the end goal…lol. Sorry so getting carried away again what is it that I can take action on the become more present.

3 Thing to try to Be in the Now

1. Taking the Baby Steps

  • I’m going to take a cheap one out of the way and that is to constantly be taking actions towards your goals. much like how I’ve attempted to in this 30 day challenge the action to take is to know the general direction you want to head into and make sure that you do something consitently to bring you closer towards your goal.
  • I suppose to ensure that you bring this practice into the now is to focus your attention to the present and enjoy the moment. In our society today we often get to engulfed with the glory of what our destination would bring and what our end goals mean to us but the main thing is that we need to enjoy the process, progress and experience we have putting in the work. so, lol enjoy your journey. Be in the moment.

2. Ask More Questions

  • Also another book that I enjoyed was “A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life”. Always be curious. For some reason as we got older we stopped asking the question ‘why’. Kids used to do it all the time and it let them learn about everything around them and as we grew older we stopped asking and as a result I think we stopped learning. Not only do you learn more about your situations and develop new ideas for creativity, but asking questions also draws you into the present moment so you can use all your sense to engage with your presence and make better decisions.

3. Care About Yourself

  • lol. As odd as it sounds its something I truly need work on. I think with the attacks of depression, I kind of forget the importance of simply being compassionate to myself. Connecting with the previous point; instead of beating myself up for not doing something done, or being bummed out doing thins I like because I feel like I could be doing something else. I need to focus being caring towards myself. If you enjoy something allow your self to be in the present and simply enjoy the moment
  • I mean I know it probably doesn’t make much sense but I think the main point is to try not to dwell in the unhappiness of my emotions if or when they come. The best course of action is to acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings and bring my mind back to the present and continue to enjoy the moment rather than jump ahead into my thoughts.

This was a load of words that may not make any sense, but if you got through this poorly written paragraph I applaud you and appreciate you for your time. Please let me know what other courses of action you might take to bring yourself into the present moment.

One thing that I can say about this 30 day challenge is that writing everyday has gotten me to finally bring into fruition all these topics that I have always kept in my head attempting to perfect but at least they are transitioning from ideas into tangible objects! Blog posts 🙂 Thanks guys. See you later.

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