Quality or Quantity [2/100]

I’ve always been a firm believer in the saying “quality over quantity”, with the thought process of, why live a life of hundreds of years when you’re not enjoying every moment. But then I attempted to blog and everything changed…

Quantity is Actually Important

Growing up with these sayings ingrained in my head made me believe that you could only have one or the other. It seems as if you couldn’t have both. You either decided to rush and make as many cupcakes as possible. Or do it slow, take your time and make the best damn cake ever.

A Second Take at The Saying

And while I’m a firm believer in quality being the cornerstone of everything (progress, credibility, etc.) I think I’ve realized that i may hold it too strongly, to a point where it becomes debilitating and immobilizing. I tend to make excuses to not completing my own goals because they are not at the standards of what i want them to be at. But if a due date rolls along and i haven’t started yet then id complete the task in a rushed manner and still lose out on the quality that I’ve mentally psyched myself up to have (in other words, whatever i was hoping to accomplish is poo/horrible/shit and there was no point in trying to get it perfect anyways).

Focusing on Quantity With a New Perspective

Which is why i think ive come to terms with a new approach. Is that since my focus is on creating content that’s what i should be doing. Create content. Chances are if the quantity is high eventually you’ll reach some quality content lol. Hopefully at least.

The 100 Day Challenge

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