Simplify To Progress The Blog Challenge Once Again

I think my problem with all my blog day challenges that I have, are that even though, I talk about making them so simple that you can’t fail. They’re still too difficult to do, because I wanted and was expecting that I could write at least 250 words. And I mean after finishing school that amount of words literally means nothing. But subconsciously, I think the number is mentally terrifying? I’m not sure how to explain it but I think it makes your brain want to resist you from doing the said task (ie. write a blog post). So, here’s another attempt to fix that!

simplify to progress blog challenge

Again With The Blog Challenges!

My end goal of doing all those challenges was to make sure that I didn’t give a f* about what people would think about my writing. and as a result hopefully become a better writer. But if I fail to attempt to continue before I even begin to develop a habit than my theoretical experiment of becoming a better writer fails immediately as well.

blog challenge

What is My End Goal?

All in all, as I’m sure I’ve said before I’m going to simplify it even more. I think the main thing that I do really enjoy is creating YouTube videos. While I’m not the greatest writer or speaker, or the most knowledgeable person I just enjoy doing it so I want to continue doing that lol. So how the heck do I do that? Well looking at YouTube people are constantly uploading content and while I believe good content is king I also need to become better at creating content. So how do I do this?

blog challenge

If I Want To Do YouTube…

I suppose the best way to get into the habit or develop the skill of creating content would be to always do it every day. I know thinking about a daily youtube video editing schedule would be a sure way to burn out. So as an alternative I know that I can probably write those things. I wanted to keep them as blog posts but I want my website to also be filled with good content. So I don’t know what the approach should be anymore¬†because I don’t want to flood this blog with poop content…

 blog challenge

Creating Ideas!

So, I think I’ve come up with a solution. Instead of just publishing a bunch of random ass posts on this blog for me to simply develop a habit I think the main thing that I should do is to create 100 ideas in 100 days. That’s the goal I suppose.

So how the heck would I keep track of that and somehow also show it to you guys? Maybe a google doc?

This is what I’ll try for now and we’ll see how far I get!

So timeline is:

Thursday 3 May 2018 to Saturday 11 August 2018

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