Starbucks is like always my default cafe when I need to go somewhere to do work. But if you go too often it does get a little old. So it’s important to know which ones you’re cool with. Personally what I look for in a Starbucks and pretty much any other café is: good Wi-Fi, number of outlets and adequate seating. Everything else is like a little bonus: temperature, environment, food, lighting, service and what not is merely toppings on the cake.

So when you’re on a time crunch and just need to get into the grind, Starbucks is the way to go. It almost always has everything you need and we pretty much got the menu memorized. (Plus their rewards system works nationwide which is good, especially if you go often)

Port Union

6714 Kingston Rd Unit A2, Scarborough, ON M1B 1G8, Canada

I feel this one whenever we need to go the east end of Scarborough. It has enough spaced out seating that you never feel too crammed and large windows that lets daylight in when it’s not dark by like 4pm in the winter lol. But it’s always like just the right amount of busy. Weekends get a little packed but you can usually find a seat near a plug. I think almost every seat is reachable to a plug for the ¾ of a MacBook charger length. On top of that if you just want to chill and have a coffee they have a concrete patio in the back with maybe 4 tables for the summer time (it’s not a pretty view or anything though lol – you’re literally looking at Kingston road and a shell gas station. – but it’s nice if u want to be outside) Other than that there’s decent lighting at every spot. The taller desk can get a little uncomfortable cause man’s thighs are too big to fit between the seat and the table so I alternate between sitting and standing but other than that the spot is pretty bless. Sitting down seats are good.

Oh a negative of the spot is I feel like temperature isn’t normally regulated. Maybe its cause of the doors or the large windows summer time is alright, but winter time I feel like it gets extra cold. And if u get seats at the front u better be wearing a jacket.

Washrooms are bless though I’m happy that more often than not they are clean J

Lol other than that I’m not sure how to setup the score cards yet but I’m just going to do the main things out of ten and then everything else out of five:

Outlets8Food Price3
Seats7Food Taste4
Wi-Fi7Drink Price3
  Drink Taste4
  Instagram Worthiness



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