I’m freaking so angry, lost and confused at what the hell I’m doing with my life. I thought putting a monetary goal towards my life would make me feel more motivated to get things done or try to do stuff, but all I feel like I’ve accomplished is fucking up. So what am I supposed to do?





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WTF Am I Doing?!?!?!?!

I honestly felt really good before I setup this monetary goal because I actually felt like i had the ball rolling with my life. I made a video! Finished a beat tutorial, put it in a insta video and traded stocks (+200). So I was doing well. But with my trip to Hawaii getting closer and credit still sitting on my card I fucked up. I put pressure on myself and I cracked.

Over the past two weeks I dropped everything went (+500, +100, -200) and then probably going (-100) this week. I’m moving risky because I’m not moving fast enough. I need to figure out how to be like the good me but also have enough hustle to do all the other things. That was a fucking month ago and I haven’t done anything since. -____-. I fucked up but it doesn’t mean we stop here.

I haven’t fully described what a year of goals was either and I need to fucking hustle. So much for not swearing on this blog either, but I guess if you tryna pree into my head this is how I talk to myself and it’s not healthy so this I suppose would be a better representation of my progress with mental health.



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Random Things I Think I Can WILL GET DONE

  • Day Trade not like a maniac (Slow, steady and confident)
  • Post on @this.coffee.tho daily!!! (Use Hootsuite)
  • Publish at least ONE VIDEO A WEEK [Dylankyang]
  • Commit to a goal a week (A Year of Goals)
  • Walk outside daily! (Thanks to the pup | Vamp-a-lamp)
  • Practice making a beat a week

I think that’s all I really want to do now. But I think with the stress of money, which is other people’s real life scenario’s I feel like I need to do other things. So after all those primary goals are achieved here are the monetary secondary goals/ideas I have

  • Freelance Web Design
  • Sell graphics, pictures, logos
  • Freelance videography? I’m I even passable?
  • Sell something online??
  • Fully Commit to Limitless

Ahhh that’s all I can think of right now, so I guess I should get something done.

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