The case for a clean room [9/100]

I’ve been MIA I feel like for quite awhile and honestly I’m behind probably every project I’ve wanted to pursue. But I’m attempting to take an approach where I don’t beat myself up as often and oddly enough I can see some old habits forming again. But I’m just curious to start studying them to learn more about myself and my patterns.

Okay that’s probably the worst intro ever… Let’s try again.

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Let’s Procrastinate! Clean!

So, every since I can remember I’ve always despised studying. Lol pretty much anything related to school I hated to do. And I would find every reason to not have to do that activity. Make my bed. Cut my hair. Clean my room. Do laundry. And this habit I carried over to my undergrad and sure enough. Every single time exam season rolled around I was busy…. Once again, cleaning my room, cutting my hair, grocery shopping or finding the time to do everything other than the main y thing I wanted to do which was studying.

Then Real Life Hits

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Honestly, I thought these habits would disappear once school disappeared…. Clearly it didn’t. But now instead of being myself about it, I’m kinda of just letting it happen since it’s become almost a ritual before I crack down on doing whatever I need to get done. And under my non-scientific reasoning I think I’ve come to a conclusion.

Why We Need to Clean

So, I’m thinking that all these thoughts usually come flowing into my head is because my brain is too full. Similar to the concept of brain dumps in the Limitless Planner I think cleaning allows me to clear my mental ram. There’s that saying;

A clean room is a clean mind

And that I’m thinking is that the brain is frustrated that you’re piling on pressure of your upcoming deadlines be it an exam, homework or project deadline. You’re being is going into panic mode and is trying to figure out how to get done everything that has been going on in your brain that you’ve left unfinished.

So if you’re not regularly using a system to brain dump/track all the thoughts that are going on in your head this situation will most likely get overwhelming. Now during school at this point in time where I can start noticing that my brain wants to start cleaning or doing other tasks other than the main thing like studying. i usually disengage and try to change environments.

The Undergrad Solution to The Clean Procrastination Monster

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My solution to avoid Procrastination by cleaning was to leave house and go to a coffee shop or library. This disassociation or leaving the environment allowed my brain to avoid seeing triggers that my brain was running on about that needed to be done. Lol those words probably made no sense but essentially I think that by getting out of the place that felt like needed other work allowed my brain to see the tasks at hand, like studying.

My Current Experiment for Procrastination by Cleaning

So because I’ve noticed that this is my current pattern when I approach deadlines I’ve thought since I’m only responsible for myself and essentially all deadline I have are made up I’m going to let my brain do whatever it suggests (but obviously guided by some self help books I’ve read). So since my brain has mainly been thinking about cleaning I’ve pulled my notes out on this book:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo [USA|Canada]

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So I think I should posts those notes up. But nonetheless all I’m saying is that my current project right now is to get rid of all the junk in my room. Because under the Marie Kondo method you should really only have to clean once and after that my brain shouldn’t have to b be side tracked by these thoughts because my room will always be clean. Which brings in the saying once again

A clean room is a clean mind

Because once you have a clear mind, technically if a deadline or pressure inducing project comes along you will be able to set in your absolute focus and hot that flow state. At least technically. Lol

– Dylan

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