The Essentials of Making a Drill Type Beat

  • Make sure the BPM (beats per minute) is around 140 – 150
  • The melodies are secondary to the energy
    • ie. That means focus on your drum patterns and the ability to bop your head to the beat
    • Don’t worry too much about fancy plugins (ie. Omisphere) FL Keys is good enough to make something bop
    • But that doesn’t mean skipping out on sound selection. Think darker sounds.


  • Percussion
    • you can off beat ur snare/claps to add variation
      • making them shorter to adds to the bounce
    • hihat to 2-2-1
      • add very subtle sounds to give it some air and dynamics (ie panning)
      • you can also add extra hihats to give that double bounce. but don’t over do it. also play with the velocities to make them more subtle


  • make sure the kick is heavvyyyy. like ridiculously loud.If its not loud enough go to the sound wave thing. Find the wrench section in the bottom right. Click pre-computed effects and bump up the velocity to make your kicks hit harder
  • Add the soft clipper to your main channels lets you bump up the volume with out clipping too much (at least that’s what i think it does)
  • You can take out some percs where necessary cause you’ll be able to feel the vibes more with the kick coming in heavy (gaps are pretty bless to include)

Bass and 808s

  • /808look for something growly so that if you want to add slides you’ll hear it more.
  • taking out the kick helps you figure out what you wanna do with the bass
  • less is more. You don’t need to overdo it because the emptiness actually lets the bass hit harder
  • When the snares come in you can add a ghost note (note with no velocity) on the bass and as long as you have “cut itself” enabled it’ll cut the bass and make the snare snap louder.
  • command+l stretches the note to the next one
  • slides are usually putat the end of the bars.
  • increasing the octave on the slides make them more dramatic



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