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So I don’t know about you but I’m always caught up in the belief that I’m in need of the newest tech otherwise I can’t [insert random task here]. It’s a trap set up by “consurmerism” that we’re always lacking something and I’m trying to figure out how to overcome that. So here’s my lil anecdote of how I dealt with that for the need of better audio.

What's The Best Microphone For YouTubers

Before I even filmed a video this was the first question I asked. But in all honesty that’s just my way of procrastinating and avoiding the main task which was just to film something. I’m even avoiding filming by writing this. Basically, all I’m saying is I loafted on buying things cause I felt like it was a lot of money but by the time I bought it I did nothing with it. When you get inspiration, strike when you hot, get it done and use what you got.

Answer: The Best Mic is The One You Have

Now If We Wanted To Educate Ourselves

The Different Types of Microphones


Moving coil, high sound


Based on capacitance, precise, usually needs power


type of dynamic, fragile and bidirectional

[Good for concerts]

[Good for voices]

[I dunno yet]

So YouTuber/Content Creators Usually Want Condenser Microphones

I think I’ve broken down the types into 4 categories, there may be more but I think these are the most popular ones!

  • USB Microphone
  • XLR Microphone
  • Lavalier
  • Shotgun 

No Budget

Post processing: Audacity

Dylankyang | YouTube Description

There’s either an overwhelming amount of information or there’s too much hype around a specific product that you don’t really know what to think. So here’s a breakdown of the types of microphones and hopefully we can figure out what you actually need.

More Details in the Blog Post:

— The Different Types of Mics And What They’re Good For —
Dynamic – For high sounds (ie. concerts, drum kits, etc.)
Condenser – More precise (ie. voices, content creators)

— The Types of Condenser Mics You Can Buy —
1. USB Mics – Gaming, Podcast, ASMR, Voiceovers
— Essentially things that require really precise audio, often at a desk
2. XLR Mics – for dem professionals (I dunno much else)
3. Lavalier Mics – weddings, “pranks?”, “Social experiments?”
— for distance shots
4. Shotgun Mics – vlogging, product reviews, in face interviews
— basically anything directly in front of camera

— My Opinion —
I basically take the least effort route so I chose a shotgun mic without batteries so that my audio is synced automatically the one I use is here:
~35 USD
~53 CAD

But I think the most important thing is to work with what you have. So here are a few options depending on your budget.

— The No Budget Budget —
1. Smartphone: Record with it pointed to your mouth as close as possible outta frame and sync in post
Tips: Boom Stand/Tripod
2. In-camera Audio: Try to clean it up a little bit in post – Audacity Noise Reduction

— I Only Got $50 Budget —
SHOTGUN | Comica V30 Lite [USD] [CAD]
USB | Blue Snowball [USD] [CAD]

— How Much Money You Got? Not A Lot Budget–
Best Bang For Your Buck
USB | Blue Yeti [USD] [CAD]

— I Got Some Money Budget–
XLR | Audio Technica AT202 [USD] [CAD]
SHOTGUN | Rode Video Mic Pro [USD] [CAD]

— The Dream Budget —
XLR | Rode NTG3 [USD] [CAD]

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Instrumental produced by Chuki.

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OnePlus [Get $30 Off]
This Camera: Canon EOS Rebel SL2
Vlog Camera: Canon PowerShot G7X
Other Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5
Other Lens: Wide-Angle Lens

Disclaimer: All presented content is my own, these are my 100% honest opinions. Using some affiliate links but this video is NOT sponsored!

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