So it’s probably a combination of depression, the illness and being a millennial. But man is it ever difficult to get out if bed. I thought attempting to pursue things that I enjoy would be a reason to jump out of bed but apparently that hasn’t changed either. I’m constantly fighting myself to go to the gym, film a video, write a blog post, reach out to the Limitless squad or just do anything. But more often than not my brain and body answers this ambition with the greatest answer of all… Nothingness. I always lay paralyzed stuck I’m a trance, locked into doing nothing. I think maybe I’m overwhelming my brain and it reacts by working full force on disengaging. It tries so hard and to ensure its success it keeps you in this trance like state.

Nonetheless I’m just trying to figure it a solution for myself and rolled into a theory called the do circle. I mean I don’t know what it’s actually called but essentially it’s a circle of getting things done. Usually we believe that you need to possess a skill, then want to use that skill I’m order to get things done. But the theory states that rather only think of it in that order as a line. We should think of it as a cycle. I mean this makes perfect sense so we don’t need to wait for motivation to push us forward. All we need to do is do.

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