The Start – I’m Going to Change My Life

This is the start of me taking charge of my life. We’re making a change for the better. And it all starts now!

Password: notetoself

We all want to be better but I never understood why I wasn’t making any progress. I think it could have been that I always beat myself up for not making large enough strides. or not making a big enough impact. So here’s to baby steps and making a difference no matter how small. Hopefully I’ll actually make it. Let’s get it! It’s going to be an exciting venture :D!

The Goals

  • Financial independence –> Building a freelance web design business
  • Health –> Body Weight Workouts and Healthier foods
  • Passion & Purpose –> My Blog, YouTube and Limitless Planner

Speaking of which I should probably update my impossible list then to reflect what’s popping because I haven’t seen it in awhile.

14 May 2019 | Update

Same shit different day. Lol but here's to doing more stuff

I’m always caught up in my head way too often. I have this like a constant urge to be doing something for my “greater purpose”. But seriously? TF does that even mean? It’s not that serious but my mind constantly thinks it is. Truth is tho, I’m broke af and I need to do something about that. So let’s actually start freelancing and stop talking about it. So, here it is!

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