The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout Routine

I’ve been trying to become active for the longest time. Lol it hasn’t fared well, I always find excuses why “I can’t go to the gym”. So this time I decided to do something different and literally remove all barriers to entry. I’m doing bodyweight exercises so here are some quick routines I found!


Three routines you can do anywhere

Bodyweight Routine

At A Glance

People often say that the gym is the only way you’ll make your gains and muscle, and yea that’s probably true. But honestly, I’m just trying to be fit, healthy and not feel like sh!t. I was looking for routines that were: quick to do, didn’t require any equipment, can be done every day and made me feel sore after lol. 

The workouts are just based on this interval timer


45 secs


15 secs


Intense Ten Minute Upper Body Workout

Lol I don’t workout enough but this had me sore for a couple of days. If you’re like not feeling it lmk what to add cuz i was tired lol. Took it from here


Intense Ten Minute Core Workout

The Core Routine

  1. Seated Ab Circles [Clockwise]
  2. Seated Ab Circles [Counter-Clockwise]
  3. Drunken Mountain Climbers
  4. Marching Planks
  5. Scissors
  6. Starfish Crunches
  7. Russian “V” Tuck Twists
  8. Leg Lifts
  9. Rainbow Twists
  10. Plank Taps

Lower Body

Intense Ten Minute Lower Body Workout

The Lower Body Routine

  1. Jump Squat
  2. Alternating Stepping Lunge
  3. Single Leg Hip-Thrust (Right)
  4. Single Leg Hip-Thrust (Left)
  5. Alternating Stiff-Leg Deadlift
  6. Standing Calf Raise
  7. Speed Air Squat
  8. Alternating Side-Lunge
  9. Hamstring Heel Curl
  10. Static Squat Hold

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