Introduction to The PC Optimum Points Program

I’ve been obsessed with the PC Optimum Points Program for far too long. I didn’t realize how in-depth my knowledge of all this goes so over time I’m going to be sharing all my tips and tricks with you on how to make sure that you guys can rack up your points as fast as possible! The amount of “FREE” things we’ve been able to get from Shoppers Drug Mart is insane. I didn’t realize till filming this video that we essentially got a whole YouTube setup from there. On top of that we also redeemed our PC Optimum points to get these things for free:

  • Canon SL2 (DSLR with a mic input!)
  • Canon Long Lens (EF-S 55-250mm F/4-5 Lens)
  • Nintendo WiiU (Games and controllers from there too)
  • 60″ RCA 4K TV (Not the smartest TV but it was FREE!)
  • AirPods Pro
  • Groceries
  • The list goes on…

What is PC Optimum?

Because I’ve been at it for so long I can actually attest (is this the right word?) to the history of the programs lol. Canada doesn’t have nearly as many coupons, points and loyalty discounts as the states and for the longest time I only really found two programs worth it. PC Plus program (for groceries at like Loblaws and their subsidiary brands) and Shoppers Optimum (For like home essentials, snacks and over the counter drugs). Then like in 2018? they merged both the programs, lowkey I freaked out cause I was worried all the points I racked up to score the Nintendo Wii and some other stuff meant my redemption technique was going to be gone.

But I suppose with every new game there are always new rules to be learnt and I think they’ve made it easier for anyone to be able to replicate what I’ve done. You can now redeem at over 4,500 stores meaning the free things you want to get can range from groceries, cosmetics, over the counter drugs, home stuff to electronics! And because it’s owned by Loblaw’s you can really milk the promotions they have with PC Financial. In my opinion it’s probably one of the best no fee credit cards there are on the market.

Why Join PC Optimum?

If you’re a Canadian there’s a very high percentage that you’ve interacted with at least one of their stores so in that case, you’ll likely benefit from the program. At the very base of the program, you can begin enjoying rewards and benefits like 1.5% value back when shopping at your favourite store! It obviously goes a lot more in-depth than that but in order to prevent an information overload, I’ve broken it down into three tiers so the information is a little bit more bite-sized.

Beginner Tier

For those that are new to the PC Optimum Point System, the easiest approach is the set it and forget it way. If at the very bare minimum you just sign up for a reward card, every-time you cash out at a Shoppers and use your card you’ll gain 15 point back per dollar spent. That’s a 1.5% value back and is an insane amount considering you’re not even signed up for a credit card or anything, you’re literally just shopping.

However, provided you’re in good financial standing, PC Financial offers MasterCards for even more rewards! Obviously the more you or your household makes the better your rewards are. On average regardless of the card, you get approved for you could be getting 2.5% value back which is a pretty insane deal!

That’s about all there is to the beginner tier. Just make sure you set yourself up for success (signing up for any kind of PC Optimum Membership) and then making sure you scan your card when you cash out at any of the stores PC Points are available at!

How PC Point Redemption works

Another thing we love about the new PC Optimum Points program is that it’s pretty easy to understand how much value you have in your account. All you have to do is drop three zero and that’s how much money you have in points! It’s that easy.

You can basically redeeem your points anywhere you gain them in $10 increments. So for example if you have 10,000 points all you have to do is redeem $10 at checkout and your good to go! FREE stuff just that easily!

… But if you’re like me obviously we want more bang for our buck right?!?

So…. Let’s level up to the

Intermediate Tier of PC Optimum Points

10,000 for $10 is pretty awesome but if you just stuck it at the very basics (no credit card, no offers or promotions) it would take you spending like over $650 at Shoppers to even get there. And that is not a very good return. But no worries that’s why we’re here and I’m gonna teach you to get these points up as fast as possible!

Keep an Eye Out for PC Promotions

PC Financial always has some new promotions and programs going on so always keep eye out for those cause that’s when you’ll be able to get the most bang for your buck. I just checked out recently that they relaunched their PC Money account and if you follow all their steps you could get a bonus of 50,000 points that’s a $50 cash value!

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