Thinking About Doing YouTube?

Low-key, YouTube has been something I wanted to do from tiiimmmmeeeee. But like self-esteem, depression and all that stuff kinda became my go-to reason to not do it. SoI’m assuming just like everything else we start with baby steps like gathering resources will help;make me do things. So these are the steps I’m taking to finally start a YouTube Channel

Tracking YouTube Progress

Well your first milestone to getting paid on YouTube is to hit 1,000 subscribers. It doesn’t sound like a lot off the bat cause your like bare people got millions and what not. But try to think of fitting all those people into one room. That’s a lot of people!

This where I’m at:

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Notes From YouTuber Roberto Blake

  • Put in work. Most don’t hit 1000 Subscribers even prior to their first 100 videos
  • 1% Rule – 1-2% conversion rate. So technically need 100 000 views to get that 1000 subscribers
  • Views are usually from 5 things
    1. Topic (Someone actually needs to care to watch
    2. Title (We skim things so it needs to draw us in)
    3. Thumbnails (We judge a book by its cover)
    4. Timing (Is it relevant?)
    5. Targeting (The right target audience – but be yourself)
  • outline your videeos so at least it has some structure. I don’t like scripts so this makes sense
  • Make 100 crappy videos

6 Months Later

4 Mar 2021

I haven;t done anything but the Kobo e-Reader blew up for some reason so its helped my channel grow more and actually maybe possible.

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YouTube Resources

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