The Top 3 Tips for Motivation – What I Learned from Karl Conrad’s Talk at Samsung Event

Who am I to talk to you about motivation? I’m a nobody. I have no right. But I went to an event with Karl Conrad and honestly it sparked something in me and I just want to be able to share that with people. So no you don’t need to believe or listen to anything I say in this post or my site in general. But I personally feel like hearing (or reading) these things have put an ease to my chaotic brain and I’ll share them here…

Top 3 Tips for Motivation

Too often do we get stuck up in our heads, whatever we set out to do we never actually get to accomplish. Either it be because; we don’t have enough resources, the competition is too steep or the timing isn’t right. The truth is, we’re scared, but to avoid admitting it to ourselves we come up with excuses. Don’t get me wrong we all do it, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re looking for a way to get past that rut, that hurdle that keeps you back. I think these are the steps/tips I’m going to take the next time this situation occurs.

Tip #1: Stop Comparing Yourself

We all come from different walks of life. You can’t compare yourself with someone that was fed a different meal than you. Or even if it they were from the same grass roots, we all walk our own journeys. They might just have a different path, there is no right or wrong. There will always be ups and downs but I believe the main thing is to focus in on the present and try your best to enjoy the moments. They say its the journey that you remember not the destination. So don’t worry if someone is making it bigger than you, your time will come. Just focus in on perfecting your craft and it will all work out.

Which brings us into tip #2

Tip #2: Done is Better than Perfect


With that being said, after your done not comparing yourself. The main thing you need to do is to take action! Don’t get caught up in; analysis by paralysis. Try to avoid spending hours and hours trying to making your first run perfect. Everybody has to start from somewhere and seeing things as not perfect is a sure sign of growth. There is always room to improve so rather than making something the best thing ever the first time around. Take a start-up approach of something called an MVP (a minimal viable product!). Do the bare minimum to make sure that your taking action. Throw as many darts at the wall and hope for the best. Pretty much all we’re trying to say in meme language is….


Tip #3: Start with what you Have Now

So chances are, you still don’t believe me with all that done is better than perfect. You’re making excuses, short on money? No such thing we live in the internet age I can solve it for you like if you’re thinking:

  • I can’t start a YouTube channel cause I don’t have: a mic, camera, lights, editing software etc. You’re making excuses all that stuff can be done from your phone all for free! camera is great quality, mic is also great, download adobe premier clip and use sunlight!
  • I want to start a business but I don’t have starting capital: Website? Blogger is still free! Selling stuff? Shopify will  give you a free trial for 1 week, manufacturing? You can kickstart it and source from alibaba. Want to sell t-shirts? Printful only charges when you order! The possibilities are endless now that dropshipping is a viable and popular option!

The possibilities are endless and I mean chances are if it’s something you’ve been thinking about for some time you’ve probably done enough research to know what your first step should be. The only thing blocking your way is yourself from making the first step.

If you still haven’t gathered what I’m trying to say yet. The entire premise of this post is if you’re trying to find motivation build momentum, give zero f’s and


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