So,  I forgot I had a subscription to SkillShare and I thought why not try to Swing Trade. It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do because you always hear about these high school kids that become millionaires before graduation so it can’t be that hard right? I need to be able to learn this so here goes.

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IMO: Investing should be looked at long-term. Buy companies you believe in and it’s pretty much only an investment when you’ve sold. I can talk about this forever but that’s what I’m trying to get. since I’m unemployed and have time on my hands I’m doing more research/trying out day-trading but is not something I recommend doing unless you’re going to be doing research. otherwise, invest in companies you’ll believe will be here in the future otherwise just use something like Wealthsimple.

The Course: Learn to Swing Trade Using Charts

Charting: FinViz (US) TradingView (CAD)

Charting: A method of visualizing supply of demand of price. Observe previous zones of support and resistsance. Identify trend and measure momentum.

  • Basically looking for patterns in a chart to predict where it may go

“The market is not a weighing machine, on which the value of each issue is recorded by an exact and impersonal mechanism… Rather, the market is a voting machine, whereon countless individuals register choices which are the product of and partly of emotion”

— Graham and Dodd, Secutiy Analyst (1934)

  • This quote is too long and has too many words. They just sayin the market reacts. It’s more than just numbers it’s emotional. And needs to be assessed appropriately. So our goal is to use charts to determine when to invest.
    • It seems he usually purchases when it returns to mean (so after a bunch of people make it go super bullish.

The Basics of Japanese Candlesticks

  • This is used as your “war plan”. How to determine the actions of buyers and sellers by analyzing charts.

The body of a candle is determined by it’s open and close price for that duration whereas the wicks the longer parts are the highest and lowest prices for that duration. There are a lot of different types of candle sticks but since were just looking at patterns, just know that when it’s got a small body it’s usually called a doji which usually signals a price change. (Another thing to note is the moving average).


japanese candle sticks


Honestly, the more I go into this. I feel like it’s all speculation but ughhh I want to learn how people do this but I think this course may not be for me. I’m not feeling this right now. But the good thing I got from this was I like using Trading View to check the charts. I just don’t think I’m enjoying this course much.





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