Update on the 100 Day Challenge

Well it obviously turns out that I am not the greatest blogger. And its quite possible that setting a goal of a blog post a day may have been unrealistic but that does not mean I failed the 100 Day Challenge. I may have not stated them in the last post however I set out the goal to be healthier (my sub goals: drinks 8 cups of water everyday and do some form of exercise every) and today will be my 18th consecutive day for doing both. I haven’t quite seen any physical changes but I definitely feel different. I feel more energized, happier and went from running only 20 minutes to being able run a little over 30 minutes. So for those of you who have seen my post, I highly recommend going for some exercise (go for a run, do a little workout, etc.) It definitely has some life changing effects. Also Ive downloaded the WordPress app that allows me to write a post on the go, so I’ll do my best to keep you updated with what I do here.

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