I’ve been having a really hard time trying to get to sleep. So with my regular approach to everything of “what gets measured gets managed”. I’ve wanted to track my fitness health and sleep. And while I’ve had the experience of using the cheaper ones on Amazon (~$30-40 CAD). I kept getting shocked from the sensors so instead of chancing my skin health, I thought it would make sense to up my budget a little bit and get something that won’t hurt me anymore.

Currently [28Sep20], I gave in and cheaped out. The main reason I wanted to get an Apple Watch was to track sleep. But right now I’m trying this Amazon Watch as a low commitment purchase.

New Apple Devices

Apple had a keynote event on September 15th, where they released new releases on some of its key devices such as Apple Watch Series 6, Series SE, the new iPad Air and iPad. Obviously, the ones I was interested in was the Apple Watch Series 6 (the newly updated Apple watch with the latest sensor and technology) and the Apple Watch Series SE (the new budget-friendly option of Apple watches).

I understand the Apple Watch SE is supposed to be their budget friendly option for new tech, but seriously, $400 isn’t that budget friendly. So I’m still intrigued at looking at older resells and cheaper “alternatives”. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Types of Apple Watches

So with the release of these two new apple watches, Apple seems to be promoting these three to be the “main” leaders for their sales. Obviously Series 6 for the tech-lovers and everything apple. The SE for the money-conscious people that want to get something new but need it to be budget safe. And then the Series 3 for those that are actually on a budget.

A great comparison video by Max Tech is here:

Comparable Smart Watch Prices

While these all still personally feel really expensive, I think they seem competitive for what the market holds in comparison to FitBit and other smartwatches and wearables.

So after seeing all the smartwatch options that are currently marketed it made me question to see if it’s something I really need or want. My main priority is just to track my sleep and I don’t feel like I that can justify a $300+ price tag (I also said the same thing about AirPods but I seriously use those every day now).

So taking a look at the extreme budget alternatives, I’ve concluded to give the thing that shocked me another try to see how often I’ll actually use the tracking. I guess the main focus for me of the tracking ability is to be able to track the factors of the 6 Step Depression Cure. And while I’m not the fondest of the book at least it gives me something measurable I can take action on.

Apple Watch Series 5

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