What The Hell Is a Life Coach?

Why can’t I say Life Coach out loud?

Something I haven’t been able to admit to the general public was that I think I have had a fascination with becoming a “life coach” since I was a kid. I have no idea why the hell I was so drawn to self-help books since I could read. Probably cause my dad had them lying around everywhere. But it’s been something that has overtaken majourity of my adolescense.

What the hell am I doing with my life

I always wanted to be better. and still am quite feeling like I’m never enough. During undergrad I thought it would be a great idea to start filming some YouTube videos about self-help and on bettering yourself as a person… But clearly the inner critic of mine never was cool with that and I should have done something better.

So I shrugged that off and decided to start working. But that itch never got scratched so since the idea that I’ve always wanted to publisha planner (Limitless) also never happened I might as well bite the bullet and give that a shot cause I had already been making Limitless for like 5 years prior. But also just sat on that shit for the longest time.

F Fake Gurus

Although I did well in general it stays profitable and I can keep doing it. I still feel like I’m loafting. I’ve never addressed my want to create content that could help people and right about now I still feel like its pretty shit. So wtf am I doing? Well I think I just wanted to address the fact that even though it seems my entireity of my adolescence and my twenties was to denying myself that I wanted to do something life coachy related. I still dont want to do it… why? Cause in my head they all hella scammy and why the heck wouldI want to spend like 5000 on trying to feel better. shouldnt that shit be for free?

So I’d liek to do that. I want to provide content that can help peopl ebut I dont want to charge like your life savings for it.

Drinking the Kool-Life Coach aid

So how will I differ? I want to have things taht are tangible, actionable and shit that we can actually do about. But first I want to be able to fix myself. I’m a freaking mess and I don;t even know where to start. So I think the best thing to do is to address that. What the heck is it that i even want?

  • I want more financial stability
  • I want to be making things. Like I want to make YouTube videos.
    • But my embarrassment and shame prevents me from even thinking about what the heck it is I’d like to do for that.
      • Technology
      • Self-help
      • Finances
      • Health
    • There’s actually nuff stuff that I want to talk about but I feel like I have no credibility so I shouldn’t even be talking about things. Well that’s the freaking point I suppose. I don’t know what I’m doing but it shouldn’t prevent you from taking action. Hire someone that knows better. Get someone to push you along. I suppose that’s why they call themselves life coaches. to get them to start doing shit.

So if I had to start from anywhere. For anything what would I do? I’d write it in my freaking planner.

What Will Help Me Do This?

This is like one of my favourite YouTube channels. The Futur is a pretty good example of what I’d like to be able to contribute (maybe School of Life too) but this is the first person I’d think about to be like.

Find Your Passion Find Your Purpose

Look into your past (I mention this in Limitless too). What did you enjoy to do?

I guess mine was music? drawing? design?

True I always said nah. I dont wanna do that.

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