What you need for an office on the go

So, over the past year, I’ve seen myself try to travel with the least amount of possible. If you’ve seen my first video that was my mobile office, an entire backpack. While that pretty much is still my daily carry I’ve taken an avid attempt on minimalizing what I actually need to get work done. While the major companies are trying to create the best all in one device I thought why not see what I would need to work on the smallest device… my phone.

What you Need to Work From Your Phone

Technically speaking the specs that we have on our phones way exceeds my first computer. So if that’s the case I should be able to do everything that I used to do on the computer that I classified as work. It might not be the easiest but it definitely should be doable. So I wouldn’t say I’m a blogger or a YouTuber but if you were, or wanted to be one here’s all that I’ve found that I would need if I were to strip it down to a bare minimum.

Just Paper and Pen

Non-tech first, just a simple notebook and pen. At the end of the day, I think I’m a doodler and most of my ideas come out best on paper and pen. There’s also something about setting goals in your own handwriting that I deem to be pretty powerful. So for myself, my notebook and planner are two in one (I use my Limitless Planner) but you just use what you want. You can even skip this if you’ve gone all digital but for me, it’s the Limitless Planner.

Your Phone is a Powerful Tool

Now the tech stuff. Well, my phone is the OnePlus 5. A little upset because the 5T came out less than 6 months after but the specs on here are more than enough of what I need (SnapDragon 835, 8GB Ram, 128GB Harddrive). Realistically I probably don’t need all that space because I store most of my stuff in the cloud anyway (videos & photos go straight to the google photos, files go to Dropbox or Google drive). I’ll get into the apps later. But to make working on my phone more efficient.

Keyboards Make Typing Easier

I carry a light Bluetoothooth keyboard, I initially tried using the Logitech K480. It was beautiful and I really enjoyed using it but when I started commuting with it, that thing carries quite the weight. It doesn’t seem like it but the keyboard is quite heavy so I wouldn’t recommend it even though it looks pretty ideal with the slot. It’s now my desktop keyboard, easy to switch between multiiple devices. So the current keyboard that I find super light is this cheap knockoff from Amazom. It’s nice because I can use it on my android phone or switch back to my macbook pro if necessary.

Pop-sockets are Life

In combination with the bluetooth keyboard without the slot in the k480, a popsocket has done wonders. Not only is this an extremly functional phone stand I’ve been using the pop socket everyday by holding it in my hand, save from drops and most importantly this is the best phone stand ever! I highly recommend getting the popsocket even if just for the car mount this has been one of the best investments ever!

Always Carry a Set of Headphones

The next best thing is always carrying a set of headphones. I personally just carry the ones that came with my phone. But if you were running with an iPhone and don’t have a headphone jack I purchased a cheap set of bluetooth headphones. I’m really iffy about these because they’re good but I just don’t know how long they actually last. My favourite cheap option is this one but the battery sucks. I still recommend going with just the old school ones just cause they’re reliable and don’t need a charge. If I were an iPhone user I’d just reccomend strapping that converter onto your earbuds.

Portable Batteries Revive Your Phone

Last tech item, although not a necessity after traveling through Europe this has been a blessing. When I go somewhere to look the first thing I look for is usually an outlet, but if you have one of these you actually don’t even need to look for one. Having a portable charger is so key if all you’re carrying is one device than you truly are portable and all you need is just a flat surface and you can work anywhere.

If I were to purchase another one this would be the one that I would get. Reason being is that it minimalizes the number of cords you need to carry since they fit right into the battery.

Apps To Use

PowerDirector: Android Video Editor

Now as for work. It really depends on what you need to get done. I suppose as a content creator lets say for YouTube you would need editing software. So how I’ve attempted to edit video on Android has been Power Director, if you’re on iPhone than iMovie and slow fast slow would be the way to go. They’re not as powerful as the desktop versions but honestly, you can do quite a bit on these apps so before you knock it I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy.

WordPress: Write on the Go

Next up, let’s say you’re a blogger. You can download the WordPress app and connect your wordpress.com or .org site and access all of its content through your phone! It’s super easy to use, uploads in an instant and has all the functions you need to create content! Being able to do this has been a game changer and makes sure if you ever get that spark of ingeunity you can work anywhere you want!

Google Suite: Manage and Analyze your data wherever you are

Lastly, if you’re at a more traditional job with data anlytics, or require a typical office suite the google suite has improved ten-fold over the years and is something I can stand behind.



  • Device
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Notebook
  • Portable Battery
  • Headphones
  • Pop Socket


  • Power Director
  • WordPress
  • Google Drive

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