I made the switch. Whether you call it betrayal, or the “best move ever”. I think it’s always good to hear the thoughts of someone that just switches before they get hit with the bias. So clearly this is coming from an Android bias but I’ll try to give you the best overview of what I’m feeling.

So I just switch from my OnePlus 5 to the iPhone 7. Why didn’t I upgrade to something blessed like an iPhone XS or XR? Firstly, cause I’d rather have the money from selling my OP5, but another is to do this. To do an even comparison of the operating systems from a similar time. the hardware are relatively close in age and hence have a similar experience between both phones. Also I’ve never had an iPhone before so this is pretty exciting.

First off, why the switch? Well because I have no idea what I’m doing with my life I’ve found myself more and more engulfed with the media/youtube industry and being an iPhone user just makes your life a hella of a lot easier (airdrop, imessage, etc.) the syncing process between multiple apple devices is truly unifying so that my main reason. I know there are a ton of third-party apps that can do just that but the experience is truthfully not quite the same.

Initial reaction of getting an iPhone is finally feeling like you joined the “cool kids club”. But beside the social effects I’m trying to focus on actual experience and hardware features.

I feel like I’m talking in circles trying to explain the background and things so I’m going to jot down a few notes of what I want to talk about rn.

  • Multiasking is very difficult on iphone
  • why does the screen just jump down sometimes? (reason: double lightly tapping the home button is to help small hands lol)
  • why the haeck cant i adjust my alarm by holding it (everything takes like a 3 step process whe n you just wanna click tings)
    • Also with like changing wifi that’s ridiculous that i cant just click it from the mission control ting. I gotta go from system preferences which is like tedious.)
    • Swithcing between apps is hectic. my lil cousin just showed me that you can swipe near the volume buttons but like apple should be known for intuitiveness and this just kinda sucks
    • web browsing is a little annoying when you’re used to so many features on android
    • accessing media files from the browser is hectic too. like i can’t open things properly and you cant really savfe photos or videos. vlc helps combat this but still
    • umm what else was annoying. i couldn’t fiugre out imessage off the bat cause ihave a macbook but only used it for messages via my email didn;t know how to sync with phone number (had to go in settings and connect via icloud and tings
    • dunno how to use shared calendars on the defauly calendar app (still dunno how – just switch to google calendar)
    • Getting beta apps need to sign up for a test flight app

But i guess everything else was pretty easy to link with google. the downside was games i dunno how to fix that. but it’s light I don’t really wanna be playing games anyways they take away my life and autonomy lol.

Other than those annoyances im still pretty blessed with an iphone and don’t see myself switching for the convernience any time soon.

  • ooo getting to notifcations is a hassle and i dunno how to like look at things. I kinda expect it to open up like with a pinch but it doesnt work like that. you need to tap it lol but whatever you adapt
  • i miss face id
  • touch id is meh it misses quite often

good thing is i suppose theres some peace of mind with secuirty? but lol not really i always feel lioke everyone is watching anyways

That’s about it. I can’t think of anything else about the iphone so let’s do somehting else

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