I honestly don’t know why every time I post I always want to hype up the next post. However because I’m so hesitant and want every post to be perfect I never manage to pull the trigger on any of my projects. So let’s get straight to what it is.

Rachel and I have been working at coffee shops all across Toronto and have been keeping up an Excel sheet to figure out where we like working the best and from time I’ve always wanted to create something around that. The problem is I never know where to start even thought I have like an endless amount of ideas that I would like to do with it. But I never do anything so I just wanted to start. I guess what I’ll do here since most people don’t even read this blog is to setup some hot notes that I’d like to put down on a page.
So lol here goes nothing.

5 Elements Espresso Bar

131 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2H7

This is a really cozy cafe. We like working here because it’s not super quiet. It has a working environment but isn’t like a library and you can still talk normally without feeling like people’s eyes glaring at you. The cafe is split into two levels with good wifi everywhere. Outlets are there. Not pletiful but I think besides the seats in the middle of the wall all have arms reach outlets which are key. The ones in the middle require some awkwards acrobatics and stranger personal space but with a long enough power bar you should be good. The downstairs is super comfy because of the fireplace. Honestly not sure what else to say about it but that I like it lol
 This is going to be a very difficult project for me. But will definitely force me to improve my writing. Here’s some pics to put images to my word because clearly I’m not doing the best job.

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