Worry-Free Money – A Review, Summary and My Inspiration!

So I may be a little biased but I think Shannon Lee Simmons is AWESOME!!! In my opinion her book Worry-Free Money is one of the best books on money management for the modern day! She takes on a real, practical and honest approach to get us to understand how we feel, interact and live with our money!

worry-free money

Why Do I Back This Book?

Honestly, in North America, I feel as if we’re completely absorbed by consumer culture. We often end up buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have. I used to think myself as pretty money literate but as soon as I entered undergrad (university/college) I didn’t understand how so many people could constantly be spending money. Everyone was always going out, always buying drinks and always ordering take-out! So…. I did the same. lol, probably not the smartest choice but it happened (just ‘llow it). So to help me get out of the divet that I’ve dug, I’ll share with you my notes that I’ve gotten from this book!

It’s got the good ol’ honest and practical approach for you to finally get on top of your money! So let’s get to it!

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Worry-Free Money

Shannon is real. She keeps it real and doesn’t judge you for it. I think that’s been my biggest issue with the financial industry and books is that people kinda of tsk tsk if you did something they didn’t agree with or something they’ve wanted to you do from time. So yea. She keeps it real.

We’re all worried about money so let’s actually talk about it rather than make it taboo. Instead we’re aiming to gain an understanding of the reasons why you wanna overspend, understand what you can afford, and learn to “budget” by making space for things that make you happy while still saving for your goals. So essentially were putting you first!

Why we overspend, and How To Fix It

  • The fuck it moment
  • The inadequacy Influence
    • The Joneses
    • The Life Checklist
    • The Beyonce Factor
  • Stop Budgeting, Start Living

So How Do You Feel About Your Money?

This ish taboo. So Shannon gets real about it. She’s non-judgemental and probably the first financial book i’d recommend to anybody. It’s the millenial’s approach to the old classics “Wealthy Barber, Think and Grow Rich” and all that without the schemy feelin ish. So let’s get to it, so we can get on top.

The truth is because it’s so taboo we never really know where we at. So, she trys to break it down so you know how you’re okay. 

How To Know You're On Track

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